Sunday, 8 August 2010

August, The Eight Day of The Month

Time flies and without realizing it, it’s the 8 August, the eight day of the month... Sometimes I want it be fast but sometimes not, perhaps there may be a reason when I want it to be fast right, Clara (=

My body is becoming weak recently. My fever is keeps on coming and not long after the recovery, it comes again. Besides having fever, I have been suffering from running nose. It is the one which made me feel terrible day and night especially when I eat and sleep >.< I really have no appetite to eat when those foods feel tasteless.

I’m wondering if my daily life is getting better than when I was studying out there last time. I do take my meals and rest on time, how come I’ll still fall sick? I am the kind of people who easily get sick since young and I need to vaccine every 2 years when the antibodies are insufficient in my body. With regards to this matter, I really should have faith in Lord that He will completely heal me in this situation or else I really don’t know who I should be looking for. Do keep me in prayers, my dear Friends in Christ. Thank you.

Nothing special in my life recently, besides working, it’s still working. My life is full of works and learning, but I do enjoy it. It’s better than staying at home and do nothing.

I always tell myself that it’s worth the time and effort. I make it as my goal to please Lord. So when things don’t seem to work, or they are difficult, or even when we don’t get it right this time, stay on course. The training is for the future, so don’t regret it or fret. Lord is with me.

But the bad thing is that, my heart is still not stable in my hometown here. Don’t feel like staying here for long time, but with the plans I have, it’s always worth fighting for, isn’t it?

All I can tell myself is that, be patient and wait for the next step, else parents cannot see what effort I have put into my life and how responsible I am in my daily life. Perhaps I should show them a good result first. May God bless me abundantly.

To be continued……

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