Thursday, 26 November 2009

I FeeL blessed, Happy Birthday to me !

26th Nov, 2009
Location: Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

It’s been almost 4 years that I didn’t celebrate my own birthday with my Family. It’s not because I don’t want to celebrate with my Lovely Family, but I’m always away from home on my birthday. However, I thank God that since my first birthday year until now, my family always celebrate together with me and if I’m away from home, they will also send their best greeting to me. Thank God for giving me a lovely family =) and Thank God for the HolidaY too…Lol.

I feel so blessed this year, because I never thought that I can celebrate with my family. As I thought, we are really hard to gather especially after we grew up. It’s because some of them need to take care of their family, business, work and even study and I’m so touched that we can gather finally on my birthday, although they actually came back for eldest brother’s marriage ceremony on 30th Nov, nonetheless, thank you brother for making your big day near to my birthday hahahahahaha…

Time flies, Tang’s family became so big just after 4 years? There are Baba, Mama, Eldest brother and Sister in law, Eldest Sister and Brother in law, Second Sister and Brother in law, Third Sister, Brother in law and their baby boy in sister’s tummy, youngest little brother and me =) wao…I can’t imagine the scene after 5 more years….how would it be? hehehe =p

Today is my birthday, but that is not why I am writing this blog. I still remember my Shepherd taught me to be less on ourselves but more on Him and I am writing this to give thanks to Jesus Christ for sacrificing His life for us and allowing me to be here for this long time and able to continue to smile and find love in my heart to reach out to others. I give praise to God and I am not ashamed to do this.

One of the first birthday wishes I received is came from FaceBook two days ago and I said to myself....this is another good reason for the social networks =) there are people there that care! Thank you very much and God’s blessings is with you =)

There are so many things going on in the world nowadays that it is sometimes a challenge to find the good, but what I try to remember when it’s hard to find the good is remember that I wake up this morning, that I have my health and strength remained, and a beautiful family and yes! I can have a smile. And this all makes me remember "God is Good" and what should you say? “All the times” Amen =)

In Matthew 7:7 that I meditated, Talk and Pray to God, I believe that when a door is closed, God will open a new door for you when you ask, seek and find =) Let the closed door goes and look for the new door that is already opened for you.

26th Nov 2009, Thursday has been an awesome night for me. Once a year that’s a special day rolls around. It was not the first time I celebrate my birthday with my family, but I still feel so fresh and blessed to have all of you together with me in this special day =) Glory to God, Amen.

Nevertheless, I really thank God for all my friends…God is so good, He always bless me with friends around me. I never feel lonely after I accepted Christ. And What is a birthday without friends, right? haha...

Dear my beloved friends, thank you for planning a dinner for me, What a nice surprise. I feel glad to have all of you with me, thank you for all presents and cards, thank you for sweet greetings in sms, thank you for sweet birthday blessings in FaceBook and even MSN. thank you to my Shepherd Kim Kim, UL Soe kian, and Sis Elaine for making a call and singing birthday song to me...very touched =) I appreciate all you have done that makes me feel so blessed in Christ =)

Last but not the least, I want to give thanks specially to a person here, who is my beloved Mummy, I love the Red Wine Chicken soup that you cooked for all of us and the BIG Blueberry Cake that you made for me. Mummy, I Love you forever. May God bless you and daddy abundantly with good health, good business and wonderful Life.

Today is not only my birthday, but also the big day of Hope Church International (HIM). Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray that all of you have a blessed time in MNC, granted wisdom by God. Please open your Eyes and Heart and let God speaks “gao gao” with all of you =) although I can’t make it for this year, but I promised that I will go to MNC on next several years around 2010 =)

God bless and Happy Birthday to me! (Smile)

More of Him, Less of me,
CLaRa 26th Nov, 2009

*sorry for not managed to take a lot of photo*

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