Sunday, 27 June 2010


Few days ago, I started my guitar lessons. Thank God that I actually found a very nice teacher to teach me day by day, little by little. I thank God for the free time given to me, to allow some practices to be done at home too.

Now my guitar skills are much better than before. Of course it’s better because I never had the chance to touch guitar when I actually wished for it when I was at KL.

For what I wish now is to make full use of my free time here and do something beneficial. Whatever it is, I’ll put all my heart in it and learn as much as I can. Go Clara =D

***this photo was taken by someone haha…thanks for the nice photo. I know I was fully concentrating on it hahahahaha XD

A funny thing to share through my brother and my brother’s friend this morning.

Charles (brother’s friend) : Have you been to church this morning?
ALvaris (My Bro) : Yes, I went to church last week.
Charles : Hello~ is one week 14 days for you?
ALvaris : HAHAHA

when they did their funny talks just in front of me during lunch. Suddenly I had this feeling of guiltiness inside my heart, because I didn’t attend church this morning and felt like God is sending his angel and asking Clara…is one week 14 days for you??? -_-'''

Oh welll….ending my story here….m going to have my nap now XD

This is my souvenir from Russia. Thanks Charles!

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