Sunday, 23 May 2010

Friends, I’m sorry.

Here, I want to say sorry to my Singapore’s Hope church friends, because I have to cancel my trip to Penang which I originally plan to go with them since I have to move on to the other plan that I made. So sorry to cancel my trip, I will keep you guys in prayers to have a safe trip and to have a blessed time in Penang. I miss you all.

Oops in just two month I wonder how many air tickets have I throw away? How much money had I wasted? I guess it’s about 4 or 5 tickets which cost me approximately RMXXX.XX XD Perhaps I am just too rich >.< ??? okay lah, I told myself no more next time, very painful to waste all those money Haha. This lesson tells us that don’t simply book ticket if you know you’re going to be packed in your schedules.

Oh well, updating myself a bit here. Recently what makes me happy is I can go back home to relax next month. And I’m going to stay there for a few months. Ya, few months because I don’t have any further plans about my working life. Perhaps I haven’t prepared my heart well to devote myself into it. But I hope I won’t fall into this kind of mood for too long, because it will make me feel lazy and I NEED MONEY TO SURVIVE XD, don’t want to get them from my parents too often. So CLaRa, you know what to do, it’s time for you to earn money for parents, hahaha..Sound easy huh?

Hmmm, I feel guilty recently because I haven’t been to church at all ever since I came back here. And also, it feels bad that I am starting to get used to my life without going to church. I even start to have many activities with my own friends when I’m supposed to go to church. Oops, So Clara, do you think Jesus won’t be disappointed? Get yourself and think properly. >.<

So, if you ask me what I’m doing during my free time since I am in big holiday now, I can only answer you that except going out for shopping, going out yamcha, lunch or dinner with frens and relatives, going out for sports, gym, jogging, badminton, swimming, haha de rest of my time I have spent is staying in this room, surfing net, watching DVD, youtube, ppstream, reading magazines, books, and eating lollipop.

Lol. This wasn’t my Bedroom in KL, it’s my “Entertainment” room and fully air coned, and it’s pretty messy. aiksss I miss home lah. This kind of life is really BORING!!!

Finally I just want to say that, there’s still a lot of activities waiting for me next month (in June). Have fun ya, CLaRa HEHE XD

Be right back……XD

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