Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Morning Devotion: Watch, Pray, Consider N Grow Wise...

Proverbs 24:30-32

I went past the field of the sluggard,
past the vineyard of the man who lacks judgment;

thorns had come up everywhere,
the ground was covered with weeds,
and the stone wall was in ruins.

I applied my heart to what I observed
and learned a lesson from what I saw:..."

The thing that characterized the Life of someone that God called wise was the DISCIPLINE to apply heart to and learn from the everyday things that happened around....

I don't want to walk through Life oblivious. I want to take notice of and learn from the things God brings my way to instruct and change me.

But it takes work on my part! It won't just drop into my lap. I want to make the most every opportunity. And I know You do too (=

Father, May I be an instrument of Your Love. Use me to make a difference to someone listening to the concert of my Life. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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